Our Goats’ Milk.

Oak Knoll Dairy Farm goats’ milk is Grade A and pasteurized. Our milk is especially sweet tasting and our Chocolate Goats’ Milk is a favorite among children.

Our customers say “WOW! tastes just like milk!”

Grade A Pasteurized Whole Goats’ Milk
Pints, Quarts and Half Gallons

Grade A Pasteurized 0% NON FAT Goats’ Milk

Grade A Pasteurized 2% Reduced Fat Goats’ Milk

Grade A Pasteurized Chocolate Goats’ Milk

Grade A Pasteurized Half-and-Half Goats’ Milk

Oak Knoll Milk Products Half Gallon Quart Quart Non-fat Pint Pint 2 Percent Pint Chocolate Pint Half-and-Half