Our Farm

Our Grade A goats milk starts with a well balanced high quality diet. Contrary to popular belief, goats are very picky eaters, in nature they are “browsers”not grazers and do not want to “follow” other animals. We simulate this by bringing them fresh, top quality tested hay, and balance their diet with a custom pelleted feed when they are milked. Our goats are also fed haylage, a fermented hay, that we harvest from our fields. Haylage is a grass crop
which is cut, harvested, and stored for feeding farm animals. It is made from the same crops as normal hay, but with a higher moisture content.

While we are not certified “organic”, we add no hormones like BGH or BST and use no pesticides on our non GMO crops and fertilize our fields with compost. We do not use any "general use" antibiotics at any stage of our goat's development If, infrequently, we have to use antibiotics, we remove the doe from the milking herd and do not return her until she individually passes our Federally approved antibiotic residue test of less than 3 parts per billion. We also have a wonderful symbiotic relationship with “Great River Farm” on the northern side of Windsor, Vermont which supplies us with Certified Organic grain and hay, while they use some of our compost to augment their soil.

Farm Road

Farm Fields

Robin and goats

Our goats spend much of their time outside. All of our goats are named and given individual care by our well trained dedicated staff.


Our milking herd numbers close to 400 doe goats. They live in a state-of-the-arts barn that allows fresh air to circulate and an outdoor area. The sides of the barn are computer controlled to raise and lower depending on the inside temperature and outside weather.

Young Goats

Our extensive breeding program makes sure we have a constant supply of milking does. Above are some of our young does, all named with yellow tags.

Did You Know?

Goat’s milk is naturally high in
minerals and vitamins and lower
in cholesterol than cow’s milk.

More people consume milk and
milk products from goats world-
wide than from any other animal.

Goat's milk is much easier to digest
than cow’s milk making it desirable
for people who have digestive
problems, are lactose intolerant,
have allergies to cow dairy or
diary substitutes.

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